boss battler


boss battler” is an endless shooter that combines classic retro graphics with a modern endless gameplay BUT:

  • instead of running you are flying through space,
  • instead of jumping over obstacles you dodge enemies and lots (LOTS!) of bullets,
  • instead of avoiding dangers you continuously have to risk your ship to score points – and
  • instead of collecting coins you better collect hitpoints to stay alive!

You take command of a little, red space-ship and fight against 3 unique enemy bosses in 6 levels for highscores. The bosses have different behaviors that demand a variety of tactics and change depending on your success – or in other words: they get more and more angry. To make the life of the little, red space-ship easier there are 5 power-up types waiting to be collected.


  • 3 unique enemy bosses in 6 levels
  • 5 power-up types
  • retro graphics and sounds
  • endless gameplay
  • intuitive touch controls
  • 6 leaderboards and 22 achievements
  • universal app (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch)




“boss battler” is no longer available for download.

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